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Launch of The Forge & The Mill

“Don’t reinvent the wheel.”

A new year has begun, which for us means: It’s time for another round of our accelerator program: The Forge.

But as our alumni startups grow, so must we. This year we decided to introduce a new program into the mix: The Mill, for more mature startups.

We at Sampo Accelerator are all about helping entrepreneurs figure out what they need to do to go and execute faster. Sometimes it means pushing the teams into a certain direction, while other times helping them slow down and think.

Until now the focus has been on helping companies quite early in their lifecycle.

So, we are now launching a new programme that will allow us to help more companies accelerate their growth - The Mill.

We are launching The Mill to help companies that are at a later stage to improve their sales and team dynamics/culture in an intensive two-day program. We are looking for companies that are at the stage where there are around 10 people working full time for the company.

We decided on the name because, at this stage, it can feel like you are being ground down, but in reality, you’re just separating the grain (what matters) from the husk (rubbish).

A bit unsure about which program is for you? Why not learn about both and make an informed decision?

The Forge For early-stage startups; who are about to launch their product. Aim: help first-time growth company founders to not have to repeat the most common mistakes, so the whole region improves. Format & Duration: 3.5 weeks. An intense mix of workshops, 1on1 meetings and hands-on work, taking approximately 20 hours each week. Coach profile: founders & early-stage company employees

The Mill For more mature companies; with around 10 people and a growing customer base. Aim: to give founders a chance to pause and think about what will actually make a difference to their company as they are growing and entering a new phase, in which their role will be changing. Format & Duration: 2 days. Workshops on the first day and 1on1s on the second. Coach profile: people who have built and led teams of over 100 people.


Let’s forge new ideas and ground down on what matters together!

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