Our not-so-secret superpower is the pool of almost 100 coaches.

This is the true core of the program.


They are an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs and early employees at startups, with the occasional person who defies an exact description.

All of these people willingly give their time, when they are able, on a pro-bono basis to encourage the continued growth of a pay-it-forward culture.


We use the term coach, as it is used in the meaning when talking about sports. They are here to help, but in the end, it is you, the founders & early employees, who must go out there and do the actual work. You can expect to receive open, honest and actionable feedback from all the coaches. It is up to you to do something with this advice, once it has been given. In many cases, you may not like what they are saying, but you should always listen and think, at the very least.


Mike Bradshaw

Head Coach

Ran the AppCademy program from November 2012-April 2015

Head Coach for the Spring18 & Fall18 batches of Startup Sauna accelerator

Huge fan of beer, sauna and geeking out on semi-random topics.

Teodora Berg


Running Scaleup Operations at Slush, the world's leading startup event

Studying finance and event management

Fan of karaoke, spreadsheets, and organizing epic events.



Marketing may not be our forte, is it yours?

Now accepting applications:

Traveling Salesman RY

This Finnish non-profit association was formed in late 2011 to help early stage founders, via a number of activities

The first activities were a series of epic expeditions around Northern Europe. The first of which was a 13,000 km trip to visit every Nordic city that has a technical university, undertaken by Kristoffer Lawson.

In 2018, with the closure of the Startup Sauna accelerator, we saw there was a place for a program which offers help to founders, and creates an opportunity for some fun activities at the same time.

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