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Here are the Fall18 graduates

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Here are the 9 companies that made it to the end of the Fall 18 programme, and are now back at their offices applying the lessons learned.

Wishappy is a self-service Platform allowing easy and quick creation of Mobile apps with Conversational interfaces.

Wowanders is the world's smartest travel diary and a platform to share friend-to-friend travel

recommendations. is an automated trading of currencies to help remove volatility in market.

Cornwall is a remote presence for events via software that utilizes 360 cameras

Advisius is a tool that gives advise and suggestions for advertisers

DesignEDly is hackathons as a service

Looqme is a service for efficient PR is for language learners and teachers, create custom & relevant content

Smidyo is quotation automation. An online service for small business who spend a lot of time creating quotes as there are many different things to take into account.

We also wanted to let you understand how the companies had changed from before the program. We are really happy with the learning achieved by all the teams.

Read on, to see how each company changed.


then : Looking into how pivot from B2C to B2B business. Finding the proper business niche, having a developed technology.

now : Developed pure vision of product, market niche, business model and go-to-market strategy. Starting sales.


then : Soft launched product in summer and have been polishing it based on feedback and analytics since.

now : Opening the next financing round in the end of this year and recruiting a CTO as they are building the next big thing in travel (

then : Focused on building tech

now : Still building tech, but now with a better name and a clear plan


then - Focus on closing investors

now - Focus on closing first pilot users & validating the target market


then: Spent 6 months building tool, 0 customers

now: Clear understanding of what needs to be done to validate need, 1 customer


then : No single plan, but strong vision.

now: Clear plan and goals


then : Ukraine only, looking to build a new tool for international markets

now : In the USA at a large event to get new customers and expand to get more revenue to fund development of the new tool.

then : Four nerds in the cave building tech

now : Clear understanding of what needs to be done to build the business


then: Had some users, was building more features

now: Building payment system so they can start to convert users to customers. concrete plans for potential expansion markets.

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